Welcome to Eicher House Ministries!

Eicher House Ministries was established to provide housing to Missionaries home on furlough, in training or in-between mission fields.  Along with providing a fully furnished home, we aspire to provide a fully stocked pantry and fridge when the Missionaries arrive.

Most of the people we have had stay in the house have commented, "This is such a blessing!  Not having to worry about where to stay when we are home is a relief."

Contact us to see what you can do for others!

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How can you help?

We are accepting donations to help cover the cost of the mortgage, essentials, utilities and upkeep on the homes.  We are a 501c3 organization, so contributions are tax deductible.

Who do you help?

By supporting Eicher House Ministries, you are not only supporting our organization, you are supporting Missionaries who stay in our home.  Since we do not charge for their stay, they can use the money they have raised  for actual Mission work and not for rent.

Why should you help?

Not every person is called into the foreign mission field, some of us stay at home, in our luxurious homes with air, heat, running water, electricity, internet.  Those of us who stay at home need to support the Missionaries that are called to GO!  By supporting our ministry, you are supporting their ministry also, so together we can reach the unreached for God!

Help us help Missionaries reach the unreached!